Auto Registration is now Disabled.

I have not utilized this forum like I had planned, thus had no users (besides bot nets) register yet. However, what was a few a week has become a few a day. (reCaptcha is either being defeated, or I am getting spammed by real-people)

Thus the effort I have to make to purge the forum of Bots is becoming irritating. (As I have no mods to help me) Thus until I actually begin to use the forum widely, I am disabling self registration.

In other words, I will be denying ALL registration applications unless the applicant contacts me via email BEFORE applying, and has me build them in.

To do so, simply email with ROGUEDEUS FORUMS: REGISTRATION REQUEST in the subject line. (Exactly as typed, all caps) The body must include your desired user name, and why you want to join the forum. I will build you in, with a temp password (I will email you back).