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    by Published on 7th April 2011 06:54

    Dream Coding - Depth of Play - Combat

    Here is something to think about.

    Why is what is arguably the most important part of games (combat) so simplified?

    I can understand if you are playing a pen and paper RPG. Roll one die add a modifier or two, or three, and then compare it to a basic defense value of the target, and you hit or miss.

    Some systems take this mechanic more seriously then others. 4ed D&D is more complex then 3ed D&D. (I still play D&D when I can pull myself away from work and coding. The kids seem to enjoy it too)

    But, why do we stick to that same paradigm in virtual worlds where such simplification is unnecessarily limiting? I mean, we can assign a hundred different mitigating factors to every single offensive and defensive activity in the game and still barely break the CPU past a fraction of 1% utilization. Meanwhile we are simulating gravity and light, to the n'th degree, gobbling up ZOUNDS of CPU time.


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